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Battery Solutions
for Your Industry

Power Tools and Handheld Devices

Cosmos Infinity high power battery pack is an essential component of many power tools and handheld devices, providing the energy needed to run these devices. The battery pack typically consists of a series of rechargeable batteries that are designed to work together to provide the necessary voltage and current for the tool.

Medical Carts and Medical Equipments

Cosmos Infinity battery packs for medical use are essential in medical equipment, providing a portable, reliable, and safe power source that ensures medical devices function as intended, and patients receive the care they need.


Cosmos Infinity designs high C rate batteries offer a reliable and efficient power source for UPS systems, ensuring that critical equipment remains operational even in the event of a power outage. High C rate batteries are designed to discharge quickly and efficiently, providing the necessary power to keep UPS systems running smoothly.

Energy & Utilities

Cosmos Infinity designs small to large ESS. Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are an important component of modern energy utilities, providing a reliable and efficient way to store excess energy for later use. ESS can help to reduce the overall cost of energy production and distribution, as well as increase the reliability and resiliency of the power grid.

Electric Vehicles

Cosmos Infinity designs battery pack for small to large EV. Battery packs are a critical component of electric vehicles (EVs), providing the energy needed to power the vehicle's electric motor. EV battery packs typically consist of a large number of individual battery cells, which are connected together to provide the necessary voltage and current.

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